OSECE Technical Assistance

OSECE offers a wide variety of on-site training for your agency staff. 
If you are a qualified or provisionally qualified IPS provider you may request technical assistance using the link below. 
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Monthly Statewide Conference Calls

Conference Call Schedule 2018

OSECE offers a monthly technical assistance call for IPS providers, which is typically held on the third Thursday of every month at 3:00 p.m. PST.  Calls are recorded and available below.

Technical Assistance Calls from 2018

August 16, 2018
Topic: HUD’s Family Self Sufficiency Program
Presenters: Tammy Guest from OSECE with Angela Parada, Colleen Spencer, and Kellie Battaglia from the City of Salem Housing Authority
Materials: FSS Brochure App Combo 2018 EnglishFSS Brochure App Combo 2018 Spanish, FSS Brochure App Combo 2018 Russian, NEW FSS Handbook & Fair Housing Add 6-2018 

July 26, 2018
Topic: The Purposes of IPS Documentation
Presenter: Tammy Guest
Materials: The Purposes of IPS Documentation PPT



June 28. 2018
Topic: Supported Education and Building Partnerships with TRIO Services
Presenter: Renee from Rogue Community College Trio Services and Jodie Ferguson from Options for Southern Oregon


May 17, 2018
Topic: IPS Resources
Presenter: Crystal McMahon


April 19, 2018
Topic: IPS/VR Partnership Best Practices
Presenter: Tammy Guest
Materials: Partnering With Vocational Rehabilitation Presentation
Please skip past the first 10 minutes of the call recording below as there were technical difficulties in the beginning. 


March 22. 2018
Topic: Supported Education
Presenter: Vanessa Taylor
Materials: New Supported Education SpecialistExample Workflow for Supported EducationImplementing SEd- SEd Statewide Call.2


February 15, 2018
Topic: IPS Fidelity Clarification
Presenters: OSECE Team
Materials: Supported Employment Fidelity Scale-2008ips-fidelity-manual-3rd-edition_2-4-16


Previous Calls:

October 19, 2017
Topic: Providing IPS Services to People with Personality Disorders
Presenter: Tammy Guest, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

August 17, 2017
Topic:  IPS and ACT Fidelity Crosswalk
Presenter:  Heidi Herinckx, Director of OCEACT

July 20, 2017
Topic:  How To Manage Your IPS Caseload
Presenter: Tammy Guest, IPS Statewide Trainer

June 18, 2017
Topic:  Newly developed Job Development App
Presenter: Sarah Swanson, IPS Employment Center at Rockville Institute

May 18, 2017
Topic:  IPS Supported Employment Fidelity Updates
Presenter: Crystal McMahon, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

April 20, 2017
Topic:  Recovery 101
Presenter: Joan Keenen, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

April 7, 2017
Topic:  VR’s New Microenterprise/Self Employment Pilot Project
Presenter: Ann Balzell, Policy Analyst with DHS/VR

February 2017
Topic:  Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Presenter: David Ross, Oregon Employment Department

January 2017
Topic:  Wellness
Presenter:  Joan Keenen, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

December 2016
Topic: 2016 Year in Review
Presenter: OSECE Team

November 2016
Topic: Microenterprise Development/ Independent Contractor requirements
Presenter: Mona Edwards, MERIT Program

October 2016
Topic: Updated IPS Fidelity Manual
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

September 2016
Topic: Follow Along Supports
Presenter: Crystal McMahon, OSECE

August 2016
Topic: Helping People Find Jobs In Spite of Justice System Involvement
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

July 2016
Topic: Employed Persons with Disability Program
Presenter: Jeff Stell, DHS

June 2016
Topic: Non-SSA Benefits Planning
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

May 2016
Topic:  Peer Employment Specialists
Presenter: Kim Kanies, Oregon Supported Employment Peer Collaborative

April 2016
Topic: Apprenticeship / Internship Programs
Presenter: Steve Simms, Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division

March 2016
Topic:  Strategies for Engagement
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

February 2016
Topic:  Fidelity Reviews and Documentation
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

January 2016
Topic:  Recently Enacted House Bills – “Ban the Box” and “Setting Aside Judgment of ‘Guilty Except for Insanity'”
Presenter:  Ted Wenk, Disability Rights Oregon

December 2015
Topic: Supported Education and Year-End News
Presenter: Wendy Chavez, Oregon Health Authority

November 2015
Topic:  Managing your Online Profile
Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College

November 2015
Topic:  How to Provide Job Coaching and On the Job Training
Presenters:  Tammy Guest, OSECE, and Central City Concern

October 2015
Topic:  Managing your Online Profile
Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College

August 2015
Topic:  Legalization of Marijuana and Workforce Laws

July 2015
Topic:  Career Development
Presenter:  Oregon Employment Department

June 2015
Topic:  Section 503 of the Rehabilitation ACT
Presenters: Benjamin Van Vleet and Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officers with the US Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

May 2015
Topic: IPS Supported Employment and Peer Supports

April 2015
Topic: Helping Clients Prepare for the Interview
Presenters: Debbie Peabody and Tammy Guest, OSECE