OSECE Technical Assistance

OSECE offers a wide variety of on-site training for your agency staff.
If you are a qualified or provisionally qualified IPS provider you may request technical assistance using the link below.
To request IPS technical assistance Click Here!  

Monthly Statewide Conference Calls

Conference Call Schedule 2018

OSECE offers a monthly technical assistance call for IPS providers, which is typically held on the third Thursday of every month at 3:00 p.m. PST.  Calls are recorded and available below.

Technical Assistance Calls from 2018

June 28. 2018
Topic: Supported Education and Building Partnerships with TRIO Services
Presenter: Renee from Rogue Community College Trio Services and Jodie Ferguson from Options for Southern Oregon


May 17, 2018
Topic: IPS Resources
Presenter: Crystal McMahon


April 19, 2018
Topic: IPS/VR Partnership Best Practices
Presenter: Tammy Guest
Materials: Partnering With Vocational Rehabilitation Presentation
Please skip past the first 10 minutes of the call recording below as there were technical difficulties in the beginning. 


March 22. 2018
Topic: Supported Education
Presenter: Vanessa Taylor
Materials: New Supported Education SpecialistExample Workflow for Supported EducationImplementing SEd- SEd Statewide Call.2


February 15, 2018
Topic: IPS Fidelity Clarification
Presenters: OSECE Team
Materials: Supported Employment Fidelity Scale-2008ips-fidelity-manual-3rd-edition_2-4-16


Previous Calls:

  • Topic:  Wellness Presenter:  Joan Keenen, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence
  • December 2016 Topic: 2016 Year in Review Presenter: OSECE Team
  • October 2016 Topic: Updated IPS Fidelity Manual Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
  • July 2016 Topic: Employed Persons with Disability Program Presenter: Jeff Stell, DHS
  • April 2016 Topic: Apprenticeship / Internship Programs Presenter: Steve Simms, Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division
  • January 2016 Topic:  Recently Enacted House Bills – “Ban the Box” and “Setting Aside Judgment of ‘Guilty Except for Insanity'” Presenter:  Ted Wenk, Disability Rights Oregon
  • December 2015 Topic: Supported Education and Year End News Presenter: Wendy Chavez, Oregon Health Authority
  • November 2015 Topic:  Managing your Online Profile Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College
  • November 2015 Topic:  How to Provide Job Coaching and On the Job Training Presenters:  Tammy Guest, OSECE, and Central City Concern
  • October 2015 Topic:  Managing your Online Profile Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College
  • June 2015 Topic:  Section 503 of the Rehabilitation ACT Presenters: Benjamin Van Vleet and Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officers with the US Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs