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Don’t Miss the Next IPS 101 Training!

For those of you who are new to providing the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of Supported Employment, the next IPS 101 training will help you learn the basics of the model and what you need to know as a new Employment Specialist. This training will take place on March 8-9, 2023 from 9:00am to noon on both days. Click HERE for more information and to register for this training.

Oregon IPS Recognized Internationally!

The IPS International Conference was held in Detroit, Michigan this year. Oregon was recognized in a number of ways. The IPS Program from Lifeways, Inc. in Ontario, Oregon received the Achievement Award. Joan Keenen with OSECE received the Peer Advocate Award. And, Jeff Krolick, received the Rick Martinez Leadership Award. Jeff was instrumental in bringing IPS Supported Employment to the state of Oregon. We applaud all of these individuals for their hard work and dedication to the Individual Placement and Support model of Supported Employment and for subsequently changing so many lives for the better!

Upcoming Trainings!

Don’t miss these upcoming training opportunities!

ACT/IPS Integration

Date: Feb 16, 2022
Time: 9 am-noon PST
Registration: Click HERE to register for this training.

Join us in learning more about how the IPS Supported Employment and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) fidelity models can work together.

ACT/IPS Strategies for Engagement

Date: Feb 17, 2022
Time: 9 am-noon PST
Registration: Click HERE to register for this training.

IPS Supported Employment engagement strategies for people receiving ACT services can look a little different, as people who have not considered work are asked about interest in work on a consistent basis. This training aims at providing some additional tools for this type of engagement and outreach.

Supported Education 101

Date: Feb 23 -24, 2022
Time: 9 am – 5pm PST, both days
Registration: Click HERE to register for this training.

Basic overview of the Supported Education fidelity model, processes, and forms.

IPS & Self-Employment

Date: March 4, 2022
Time: 9 am – noon PST
Registration: Click HERE to register for this training.

Learn about how to support IPS participants with self-employment goals.


Free Cell Phones for People In Need!

If people have recently lost cell phone service due to unemployment or need a phone for a potential employer to contact them, please pass on the following helpful resources. Here is a link for those in need of a free cell phone.

CHOICE funds may also be used to purchase a cell phone. Contact OHA for more guidance on this issue.

2017 OSECE IPS Conference Was A Success!

The OSECE IPS Annual Conference for 2017 was a huge success! We want to thank all of our presenters, the Oregon Garden Resort, our team, and the OCEACT team for all of their help- it wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you!  Between the online registrations and sign in sheets we estimate that there were approximately 240 people in attendance. That’s our biggest conference yet! You should have received an emailed survey request. Please let us know what you enjoyed about the conference and what suggestions you might have for future changes. We really do read every comment and appreciate the feedback. If you are looking for materials used by presenters, we are posting them here as soon as they come in.

Thank you for attending and for your enthusiasm and camaraderie. That is always the best part of the conference each year! And, we are already looking forward to being able to get together again next year.



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