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Weekly COVID-19 Update Webinar / Conference Calls

Weekly calls will occur on Wednesdays at 11am and 3pm PST.
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
Join the conference call:
1.800.920.7487 code 23264725#
(Please mute your phone using your phone’s mute function or by pressing *6 unless speaking.)

OSECE Calendar Month of June

Weekly Call/Webinar recordings:

5/12/2020 DRO Reasonable Accommodations & Leave during COVID-19
05.12.20.Disability Rights Oregon Presentation on RAs and Leave During COVID-19 (Uodated)

4/21/2020 Supported Education Webinar/Call
PPT: SEd April 21 2020

4/21/2020 WIN/ IPS COVID-19 & Ben Planning Follow Up Webinar/ Call
PPT: CARES Act and SSA benefits
Video Presentation

4/8/2020 Morning Call Recording and Materials
PPT: Wellbeing During Covid-19newestFinal

4/1/2020 Afternoon Call Recording (PPT Presentation link in AM call below)

4/1/2020 Morning Call Audio Recording and Materials
CARES Act Presentation

3/26/2020 OSECE-WIN Unemployment, COVID-19 Stimulus, and other Benefits
Questions & Answers from WIN 3-26-20

3/25/2020 Afternoon Call Audio Recording and Materials
SAMHSA Tips for Social Distancing



Is OSECE still going to be conducting IPS fidelity reviews?

Fidelity reviews will be suspended at this time until further notice as advised by the Oregon Health Authority. OSECE will be in touch once scheduling can be resumed.

Will OSECE still be conducting trainings?

IPS teams can still request trainings from OSECE. These trainings will be conducted virtually until further notice as advised by the Oregon Health Authority. You can still request technical assistance HERE.

Can IPS services be provided telephonically?

Yes, IPS services can be provided telephonically. Some CCOs are providing guidance that behavioral health services can be provided telephonically. Check with your agency and CCO for clarification. Here is a reference to review:

OHA memo

Can Employment Specialists assist IPS clients with applying for unemployment benefits?
  1. If the person is currently receiving IPS services then it is our understanding that you should be able to assist people with this process, as it easily gets into benefits planning support. (Please double check with your administration and CCO, though.) Employment specialists are often the ones who are able to help people assess what their gross earnings might have been, help them assess the pros and cons of disclosing having a disability that is a barrier to work, whether they should answer that they are available to work part or full time when some folks were only working part time due to their disability, helping them figure out how their other benefits could be affected by unemployment benefits, etc.
  2. If the person is not currently receiving IPS services, but was previously, you might consider reopening them to IPS services or billing case management for providing this temporary support. We understand that there may be more cases of non-employment service provision during this time period.