OSECE Cost Benefit Study is Now Available

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Research

Oregon Supported Employment Cost Benefit Study 2011 is available here. Kudos to Heidi Herinckx and the rest of the staff at the Regional Research Institute at Portland State University who conducted the study, Berhanu Anteneh at the Addictions and Mental Health Division for acquiring the State data and all of the supported employment programs across Oregon that participated in the study. Heidi will be contacting supported employment program managers and agency directors to share agency specific cost data. We are interested in your comments about the study. Please share them via our email distribution list.

When someone is referred to or expresses an interest in supported employment, we know how important it is to understand their motivational readiness. Services which we experience as out of synch with our level of interest can result in frustration and withdrawal. Jonathan Larson’s Supported Employment Motivational Interviewing slides and  handouts from his 2010 Oregon workshop are now available here.

The Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center has been awarded funding for their NIDRR (National  Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research) Field-Initiated Research application to study barriers and facilitators for sustainability of IPS supported employment in the J&J-Dartmouth learning collaborative.  The study includes interviewing all IPS site supervisors in the project (this includes IPS supervisors in Oregon) and vocational rehabilitation agencies, mental health authorities, and Medicaid offices. For more information click here.


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