Oregon Supported Employment Peer Collaborative (OSEPC)

The Oregon Supported Employment Peer Collaborative (OSEPC) was formed in 2013 as an approach to blend the Oregon Peer movement with the principles and practices of the evidenced-based practice of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment (SE). The Peer Collaborative blends a partnership between an Oregon peer-run agency and the OSECE in order to develop and provide ongoing training and technical assistance for mental health agencies moving toward incorporating peer-delivered services on IPS Supported Employment teams. Joan Keenen, the lead of the Peer Collaborative, has partnered with the Mental Health Association of Oregon, who has designated Donita Diamata as the representative on the collaborative. Together they partner to provide the following:

  • Conduct monthly informational calls for IPS SE programs around the state, individuals identified as having interest in the peer movement and IPS SE and integration of Peer-delivered services on IPS SE teams;
  • Develop a comprehensive contact list of all behavioral health providers, IPS SE program supervisors and peers providing employment services, and all other interested leaders in Peer-delivered services around the state.
  • Conduct interest survey with IPS SE programs around the state;
  • Invite peer leaders from around the state to attend and participate in the OSECE annual conference;
  • Support IPS SE programs in development of IPS SE Peer provider job descriptions and boarding of IPS Peer providers;
  • Develop curriculum for IPS SE Peer provider training;
  • Conduct regional training at Peer focused conferences around the state;
  • Offer IPS SE Peer provider training and technical assistance to IPS SE programs.

Call Schedule

OSEPC monthly conference calls are now being combined with ACT Peer Collaboration Calls. Click HERE for the call schedule.


IPS Peer Specialist Handbook

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