2020 Conference Calls/Webinars

Whenever possible, you will find the most recent recordings of our monthly conference calls/webinars listed below. These calls occur each month and cover a variety of employment related topics. See the conference call schedule below for more information.
Conference Call Schedule 2020

November 2020

TOPIC: Vocational Rehabilitation Partnership with IPS Programs
Doug Franklin, Derek Hill, Emily Geraci from Clackamas VR

October 2020

TOPIC: Ticket To Work Program
Eugenia Cox, Vocational Rehabilitation
Materials: OSECE TTW Presentation 2020,  TTWbrochure2020

Ticket to Work

by Eugenia Cox, Vocational Rehabilitation | PPT Only, No Recording

September 2020

TOPIC: Career Development
Jennifer Cassidy and Allyson Morrison, OSECE
Materials: Career Development

Career Development

by Jennifer Cassidy & Allyson Morrison, OSECE | PPT Only, No Recording

August 2020

TOPIC: Increasing Employment Motivation in the Hard to Employ
Larry Robbin, Robbin & Associates

Increasing Employment Motivation in the Hard to Employ

by Larry Robbin, Robbin & Associates | PDF Only, No Recording

July 2020

TOPIC: Preparing for a Job Interview
Jennifer Cassidy, OSECE
Materials: Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for a Job Interview

by Jennifer Cassidy, OSECE | PPT Only, No Recording

May 2020

TOPIC: Reasonable Accommodations & Leave during COVID-19
Matthew Serres, Disability Rights Oregon
Materials: 05.12.20.Disability Rights Oregon Presentation on RAs and Leave During COVID-19 (Uodated)

Reasonable Accommodations & Taking Leave during COVID-19

by Matthew Serres, Disability Rights Oregon | PPT Only, No Recording

April 2020

TOPIC: Social Distancing and Staying Sane
Presenter: Frank King, Mental Health Comedian
Materials: Guts, Grit & The Grind: A MENtal Mechanics MANual: Basic Mechanics

March 2020

TOPIC: Federal Bonding Program
Douglas Barrett. Oregon Employment Department
Materials: FBP-Employers-Job-Seekers-Brochure-update-1, Federal Bonding Summary Latest Word

Note: This call did not get recorded. For a previous training on this topic please find the January 2019 Call on Justice System Involvement & Federal Bonding Program HERE.

Federal Bonding Program

by Douglas Barrett, Oregon Employment Department | Link

February 2020

TOPIC: Employed Persons with Disabilities Program
Presenter: Janell White, APD
Materials: EPD PPT

January 2020

TOPIC: Oregon ABLE Savings Plan
Kaellen Hessel, Oregon Savings Network
Materials: ABLE presentation