Conference Calls/Webinars

Whenever possible, you will find the most recent recordings of our monthly conference calls/webinars listed below. These calls/recordings occur each month and cover a variety of employment related topics. See the conference call schedule below for more information.

November 2021

TOPIC: Expungement in Oregon
Tiffanny Smith, Attorney with Legal Aid Services of Oregon

October 2021

TOPIC: The ADA, Reasonable Accommodations, and IPS Services
Barry Whaley, Project Director of Southeast ADA Center

September 2021

TOPIC: Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Policy
Pennie Hartley, Policy Analyst
Vocational Rehabilitation Policy Webpage

August 2021

TOPIC: Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act
Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officer with US Dept of Labor
Resources: Presentation
and Federal Procurement Data System website

July 2021

TOPIC: HUD’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Paula Garcia, Colleen Spencer, Fawn Reed of Salem Housing Authority
Resources: Presentation, Program Brochure, Program Fact Sheet- Eng, Program Fact Sheet- Span, Housing Authorities in Oregon with Family Self Sufficiency Programs

June 2021

TOPIC: Finding Jobs for People with Justice System Involvement
Harley Blakeman, CEO of Honest Jobs
and Grit: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record

May 2021

TOPIC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Loren Petersen and Alan Beeler, OED 
Materials: WOTC Program Brochure, WOTC Presentation, Advice For Employers, WOTC Tax Credit Calculation Chart, Form 8850, Form_9061

April 2021

TOPIC: Apprenticeships in Oregon
John Kersey, BOLI 
Materials: Apprenticeship Presentation
Websites: BOLI : Welcome Page : Apprenticeship : State of Oregon
Oregon Apprenticeship Website

March 2021

TOPIC: Individual Development Accounts and Oregon ABLE Program
Sarah Brooks, DevNW and Kaelynn Hessel, Oregon ABLE 
Materials: Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), ABLEOSECE2021

February 2021

TOPIC: National Career Readiness Certification
Wayne Fanno, Office of Workforce Investments 
Materials: Presentation, Testing Accommodations, 2019 legislature report

January 2021

TOPIC: Economic Trends/Projections in Oregon 
Gail Krumenauer, State Economist
Materials: Presentation