Conference Calls/Webinars

Whenever possible, you will find the most recent recordings of our monthly conference calls/webinars listed below. These calls/recordings occur each month and cover a variety of employment related topics. See the conference call schedule below for more information.

November 2022

TOPIC: Supporting Employment Goals for Individuals with Psychosis Challenges
Presenter: Ron Unger, LCSW
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September 2022

TOPIC: Trauma Informed Care & Seeking Safety
Presenter: Dr. Trevor Manthey

August 2022

TOPIC: ADA, Workforce Equity, Privacy, Process and Enforcement
Presenter: NW ADA Center & Disability Rights Oregon
Materials: Presentation

ADA, Workforce Equity, Privacy, Process & Enforcement

by NW ADA Center & Disability Rights Oregon | This training was not recorded but click here for a link to an educational video.

July 2022

TOPIC: Working Towards Joy!
Presenter: Vanessa Jackson
Materials: Presentation

May 2022

TOPIC: Trauma: The Most Powerful Hidden Barrier to Employment
Larry Robbin, Robbin & Associates

April 2022

TOPIC: VR & IPS Collaboration
Douglas Franklin & Amel Karaselimovic, OVRS and Margaret Moore & Trina Taylor, Clackamas County


March 2022

TOPIC: Strengths-Based Communication
Dr. Trevor Manthey
Materials: Presentation

February 2022

TOPIC: Meaningful Work
Melody Reifer, MSW

January 2022

TOPIC: Engagement and Outreach Strategies
Christine Powers & Kathryn J. McDonnell, Dartmouth College
Engagement_Outreach_Burst_Training IPS
Engagement Strategies Evidence-based

Engagement and Outreach Strategies

by Christine Powers & Kathryn McDonnell | Presentation