Conference Calls/Webinars

Whenever possible, you will find the most recent recordings of our monthly conference calls/webinars listed below. These calls/recordings occur each month and cover a variety of employment related topics. See the conference call schedule below for more information.

September 2023

TOPIC: Confessions of a Reluctant, Award Winning Job Developer
Tammy Guest, Living Waters Enterprises, LLC

August 2023

TOPIC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit & Federal Bonding Program
Celina Kirnberger, Oregon Employment Department
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
WOTC Flyer
Federal Bonding Program

July 2023

TOPIC: Fostering Workplace Wellbeing: Connections and Community
Alejandra Acuña, PhD, LCSW
Five Essentials Workplace Mental Health Wellbeing,Location of Self, Wellness PPT, Surgeon General Report – Framework for Workplace MH Well-being

June 2023

TOPIC: Motivational Interviewing in Supported Employment
Dr. Trevor Manthey

May 2023

TOPIC: Tackling Tough Conversations
Robin Donovan, Strategy Robin LLC

April 2023

TOPIC: Oregon ABLE Savings Accounts
Kaellen Hessel, Oregon Treasury Savings Network

March 2023

TOPIC: Supporting Employment Goals for Individuals with Psychosis Challenges
Presenter: Ron Unger, LCSW
Materials: Employment Resource Book

January 2023

TOPIC: Recovery Oriented Practitioner
Presenter: Joan Keenen