Employer Resources and Financial Incentives

IPS Employment Specialists are a resource to local employers and maintain knowledge around financial incentives available to businesses. Some of the financial incentives available include the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Federal Bonding Program, and On the Job Training (OJT) Reimbursements available through Vocational Rehabilitation, the Oregon Employment Department’s Veteran’s program, and some TANF programs. More information is available via the podcasts below and the following websites:

Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Federal Bonding Program
Oregon Department of Human Services Jobs Plus Program

August 2021

TOPIC: Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act
Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officer with US Dept of Labor
Resources: Presentation
and Federal Procurement Data System website

May 2021

TOPIC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Loren Petersen and Alan Beeler, OED 
WOTC Program Brochure
WOTC Presentation
Advice For Employers
WOTC Tax Credit Calculation Chart
Form 8850


May 2020

TOPIC: Reasonable Accommodations and Taking Leave during COVID-19
:  Matthew Serres, Disability Rights Oregon
Materials: 05.12.20.Disability Rights Oregon Presentation on RAs and Leave During COVID-19 (Uodated)


Reasonable Accommodations & Taking Leave during COVID-19

by Matthew Serres, DRO | PPT Only

January 2019

TOPIC:  Serving Clients w/ Justice System Involvement & the Federal Bonding Program
: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Helping-People-Find-Jobs-in-Spite-of-Justice-System-Involvement PPT
The Federal Bonding Program PPT 

Federal Bonding Program & Serving Clients w/ Justice System Involvement

by Tammy Guest, OSECE

February 2017

TOPIC:  Work Opportunity Tax Credit
: David Ross, Oregon Employment Department

WOTC Brochure Blue
WOTC Program Brochure
Q & A about WOTC
Advice for Employers
Claiming a WOTC Credit
Reasons the Credit Gets Denied for Group E
WOTC Certification Categories and Credit Amts 001
For additional information click HERE.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

by David Ross, Oregon Employment Department

January 2016

TOPIC:  Recently Enacted House Bills: “Ban the Box” & “Setting Aside Judgment of GEI”
: Ted Wenk, Attorney for Disability Rights Oregon
Download: PowerPoint


"Ban The Box" & "Setting Aside Judgment of GEI"

by Ted Wenk, Disability Rights Oregon

August 2015

TOPIC:  Legalization of Marijuana and Workforce Laws
Presenters: Dan Coozer, Willamette Valley NORML & Kay Osgood, Laurel Hill Center
Download: Vocational Rehabilitation – Marijuana & Employment


Legalization of Marijuana & Workforce Laws

by Dan Cooser, Willamette Valley NORML & Kay Osgood, Laurel Hill Center

June 2015

TOPIC:  Section 503 of the Rehabilitation ACT
Presenters: Benjamin Van Vleet and Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officers US DOL
Download: PowerPoint


Section 503 as an Employer Resource

by Benjamin Van Vleet & Aleksandra Snyder from US DOL