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We have had a number of requests for examples of IPS forms and documents. Click on the link below for sample forms. You are welcome to use these forms but are not required to. Please check back regularly as there could be updates to these forms. Also, scroll down for calls/webinars on the topic of IPS documention.

September 2019

Topic: The Vocational Profile
Tammy Guest, OSECE

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PPT: The Vocational Profile

IPS Employment Center link to document library. Type profile into search field and it will produce the most up to date Vocational/Career Profiles in English, Spanish, Norwegian, or French.

August 2019

TOPIC  Graduating IPS Supported Employment Clients
Presenter: Tammy Guest


PPT: Graduating IPS Clients


Graduating IPS Clients

by Tammy Guest, OSECE

July 26, 2018

TOPIC  The Purposes of IPS Documentation
:  Tammy Guest 


The Purposes of IPS Documentation PPT

Purposes of IPS Documentation

by Tammy Guest, OSECE

September 2016

TOPIC  Follow Along Supports
: Crystal McMahon, OSECE


Call Agenda

Career Profiles with Highlights

Scenarios for Follow Along Support

Follow Along Supports Menu and Plan

Follow Along Supports

by Crystal McMahon, OSECE

March 2016

TOPIC  Strategies for Engagement
Presenter: Tammy Guest



Strategies for Engagement

by Tammy Guest, OSECE