Effective supervisors are key to successful programs. IPS supervisors fulfill a number of functions, including trainer for IPS specialists, liaison to state Vocational Rehabilitation, promoter of employment in the agency, quality improvement manager for the IPS program (outcomes-based supervision), organizer of the steering committee, and co-leader for program implementation and sustainability.  OSECE provides free training to IPS Supervisors, but supervisors can also elect to take the Supervisor’s Skills Course from the IPS Employment Center. The following resources can also be helpful in learning about your role and the IPS model of Supported Employment.

Video: The Role of an IPS Employment Supervisor
IPS Supported Employment: A Practical Guide
IPS Supported Employment Program Implementation Guide
IPS Fidelity Manual
IPS SE Fidelity Review Prep for Supervisors_ 7 19 2023
Group Supervision Process
Field Mentoring Checklist
Hiring Employment Specialists
Example Supervisor Tracking Spreadsheet
Example Supervisor Tracking Forms for SE and SEd

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May 2019

TOPIC  Fidelity Standardization Follow Up
:  Crystal McMahon, OSECE
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Standardization Document for Supervisors 2019




Fidelity Standardization Follow Up

by Crystal McMahon | Document

February 2018

TOPIC  IPS Fidelity Clarification
:  OSECE Team


Supported Employment Fidelity Scale-2008

May 2017

TOPIC  IPS Supported Employment Fidelity Updates
:  Heidi Herinckx, Director of OCEACT


Sample Fidelity Action Plan
Procedure for H2023 IPS SE Billing Code

October 2016

TOPIC  Updated IPS Fidelity Manual
: Tammy Guest, OSECE