OSECE offers a wide variety of technical assistance, including on-site training for IPS program staff, as well as monthly conference calls that cover a variety of topics intended to keep providers informed about current IPS practices and resources. All technical assistance provided by OSECE is free of charge to provisional and qualified IPS providers in Oregon.  The Oregon Health Authority encourages IPS providers to take advantage of the technical assistance offered by OSECE in order to achieve good fidelity to the IPS model.


On-Site Technical Assistance

If you are a qualified or provisionally qualified IPS provider you may request technical assistance using the button below.

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Monthly Statewide Conference Calls

OSECE offers a monthly technical assistance call for IPS providers, which is typically held on the thirdThursday of every month at 3:00 p.m. PST. For those unable to join the call, the calls are recorded and available below. Please download the Conference Call Schedule above for call-in instructions and topics planned for the year.

Conference Call Schedule 2020



Technical Assistance Calls 2019-2020

January 2020

Topic: ABLE Accounts in Oregon
Presenter: Kaellen Hessel, Oregon Savings Network
Materials: Video

December 2019

Topic: Year End Call and Interviewing Skills Triangle
Presenters: Crystal McMahon and Jennifer Cassidy, OSECE
Materials: Skills Triangle, Practice Interviewing Exercise, Oregon cumulative summary, Q3 2019 Oregon Outcomes

November 2019

Call was Cancelled

October 2019

Topic: Online Job Search Methods
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Materials: Online Job Search Methods

September 2019

Topic: The Vocational Profile
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Materials: career_profile_tip_sheet, Career-Profile-Form-2017, Career-Profile-Spanish, The Vocational Profile


August 2019
Topic: Graduating IPS Supported Employment Clients
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Materials: Graduating IPS Clients, ips-transition-plan-fill-in


July 2019
Topic: Wellness Plans for Work
Presenter: Joan Keenen, OSECE
Materials: wellness plans for work newtwothreefour, Physical-Wellness-for-Work-Booklet_2016


June 2019
Topic: General Assistance Program
Presenter: Marcy Mee, Collaborative Disability Determination Unit, DHS
Materials: GA Flyer- One page Community Partner Referral, ROI-me3010


May 2019
Topic: Fidelity Standardization Follow Up
Presenter: Crystal McMahon, OSECE
Materials: Standardization Document for Supervisors 2019

No recording available for this call.

April 2019
Topic: Employment Trends in Oregon
Presenter: Gail Krumenauer, Senior Economic Analyst with the Oregon Employment Department
Materials: 04.16.19 OSECE Conference Call Presentation_Hiring Demand_updated


March 2019
Topic: Preparing Job Seekers for Interviews
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Materials: Interviewing Call Fears and Strengths Top 10 things that employers want Mock Interview Handout- Sequoia Preparing for an interview handouts 031015


February 2019
Topic: Data Collection- New forms, Fidelity & SEd
Presenter: Crystal McMahon, OSECE
Materials: MHS 38 Supported Emp Ed Qurtly Report Oregon cumulative summary Q4 2018 Oregon Outcomes sample 1 cumulative sample 2 cumulative Sample of Benefits planning tracking Community Time Log Template February 28 agenda Googledocs links


January 2019
Topic: Serving Clients with Justice System Involvement and the Federal Bonding Program
Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE
Materials: Helping-People-Find-Jobs-in-Spite-of-Justice-System-Involvement PPTThe Federal Bonding Program PPTWorksheet-for-Job-Seekers-Eng, Tips-For-Employment-Specialists, employer-survey,  WOTC_Program_Brochure

Technical Assistance Calls from 2018

December 2018 Topic: End of Year Wrap Up & Program Highlights Presenters: OSECE Team Materials: Q3 2018 Oregon Outcomes


November 2018 Topic: Career Advancement for IPS Clients Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE Materials: Career Advancement presentation


October 2018 Topic: Dress for Success Oregon Program Presenter: Sheri Dunn, Executive Director Dress for Success Oregon Materials: Programs Overview, Newsletter1, About Us Infographic



September 2018 Topic: Ticket to Work and IPS Programs Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE Materials: OSECE TTW Presentation 2018A,Mental Health Referral Form 2018EN-payments-glance-2018TTW Quick Ref 2018TTW OSECE Sample Letter



August 16, 2018 Topic: HUD’s Family Self Sufficiency Program Presenters: Tammy Guest from OSECE with Angela Parada, Colleen Spencer, and Kellie Battaglia from the City of Salem Housing Authority Materials: FSS Brochure App Combo 2018 EnglishFSS Brochure App Combo 2018 Spanish, FSS Brochure App Combo 2018 Russian, NEW FSS Handbook & Fair Housing Add 6-2018 


July 26, 2018 Topic: The Purposes of IPS Documentation Presenter: Tammy Guest Materials: The Purposes of IPS Documentation PPT



June 28. 2018 Topic: Supported Education and Building Partnerships with TRIO Services Presenter: Renee from Rogue Community College Trio Services and Jodie Ferguson from Options for Southern Oregon


May 17, 2018 Topic: IPS Resources Presenter: Crystal McMahon


April 19, 2018 Topic: IPS/VR Partnership Best Practices Presenter: Tammy Guest Materials: Partnering With Vocational Rehabilitation Presentation Please skip past the first 10 minutes of the call recording below as there were technical difficulties in the beginning. 


March 22. 2018 Topic: Supported Education Presenter: Vanessa Taylor Materials: New Supported Education SpecialistExample Workflow for Supported EducationImplementing SEd- SEd Statewide Call.2


February 15, 2018 Topic: IPS Fidelity Clarification Presenters: OSECE Team Materials: Supported Employment Fidelity Scale-2008ips-fidelity-manual-3rd-edition_2-4-16


Previous Calls

October 19, 2017 Topic: Providing IPS Services to People with Personality Disorders Presenter: Tammy Guest, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

August 17, 2017 Topic:  IPS and ACT Fidelity Crosswalk Presenter:  Heidi Herinckx, Director of OCEACT

July 20, 2017 Topic:  How To Manage Your IPS Caseload Presenter: Tammy Guest, IPS Statewide Trainer

June 18, 2017 Topic:  Newly developed Job Development App Presenter: Sarah Swanson, IPS Employment Center at Rockville Institute

May 18, 2017 Topic:  IPS Supported Employment Fidelity Updates Presenter: Crystal McMahon, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

April 20, 2017 Topic:  Recovery 101 Presenter: Joan Keenen, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

April 7, 2017 Topic:  VR’s New Microenterprise/Self Employment Pilot Project Presenter: Ann Balzell, Policy Analyst with DHS/VR

February 2017 Topic:  Work Opportunity Tax Credit Presenter: David Ross, Oregon Employment Department

January 2017 Topic:  Wellness Presenter:  Joan Keenen, Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

December 2016 Topic: 2016 Year in Review Presenter: OSECE Team

November 2016 Topic: Microenterprise Development/ Independent Contractor requirements Presenter: Mona Edwards, MERIT Program

October 2016 Topic: Updated IPS Fidelity Manual Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

September 2016 Topic: Follow Along Supports Presenter: Crystal McMahon, OSECE

August 2016 Topic: Helping People Find Jobs In Spite of Justice System Involvement Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

July 2016 Topic: Employed Persons with Disability Program Presenter: Jeff Stell, DHS

June 2016 Topic: Non-SSA Benefits Planning Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

May 2016 Topic:  Peer Employment Specialists Presenter: Kim Kanies, Oregon Supported Employment Peer Collaborative

April 2016 Topic: Apprenticeship / Internship Programs Presenter: Steve Simms, Oregon Apprenticeship and Training Division

March 2016 Topic:  Strategies for Engagement Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

February 2016 Topic:  Fidelity Reviews and Documentation Presenter: Tammy Guest, OSECE

January 2016 Topic:  Recently Enacted House Bills – “Ban the Box” and “Setting Aside Judgment of ‘Guilty Except for Insanity'” Presenter:  Ted Wenk, Disability Rights Oregon

December 2015 Topic: Supported Education and Year-End News Presenter: Wendy Chavez, Oregon Health Authority

November 2015 Topic:  Managing your Online Profile Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College

November 2015 Topic:  How to Provide Job Coaching and On the Job Training Presenters:  Tammy Guest, OSECE, and Central City Concern

October 2015 Topic:  Managing your Online Profile Presenter:  Justin Tauscher, Dartmouth College

August 2015 Topic:  Legalization of Marijuana and Workforce Laws

July 2015 Topic:  Career Development Presenter:  Oregon Employment Department

June 2015 Topic:  Section 503 of the Rehabilitation ACT Presenters: Benjamin Van Vleet and Aleksandra Snyder, Compliance Officers with the US Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

May 2015 Topic: IPS Supported Employment and Peer Supports

April 2015 Topic: Helping Clients Prepare for the Interview Presenters: Debbie Peabody and Tammy Guest, OSECE