What People Are Saying…

“My life is not the same for sure. I have a regular life now.”

“Having a job has helped me have more confidence in myself.”

“The pleasure of seeing someone come back from a mental health related pause in their work history and become a great worker for a local employer keeps me excited about my job.”  – Rosa Murillo, Employment Specialist


Please welcome our newest staff member!

Vanessa Taylor joined OSECE the first week of April and is starting her new role as a Statewide Trainer after having previously worked for Jackson County Mental Health as a Supported Education Specialist. Vanessa pioneered the development of the Supported Education program at Jackson County as well as implemented the new fidelity model. She is passionate about wellness as well as supporting individuals in both education and employment goals. You can read more about Vanessa and the OSECE team here: http://osece.org/contact/