Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

Conference 2019Thanks for another fantastic conference! 

The 2019 Annual IPS Supported Employment and Education Conference was another great event thanks to all of our presenters and attendees. This was our first time in Ashland and what a fabulous community to host our event! The conference was well received and we appreciated the feedback afterwards from attendees. 

You can download presentations from the sessions on the 2019 conference page. We enjoyed seeing everyone around the state come together, support one another, and contribute to each other’s knowledge. We are now looking forward to 2020! Thanks for a great year everyone!

For additional information visit the 2019 conference page.




Technical Assistance Requests

If you are a qualified or provisionally qualified IPS provider you may request technical assistance using the link below.


Job Development – 3 Visits Model
Advanced Job Development 
Benefits Planning 101 
Work Incentives Application
Job Search Planning 
Follow Along Support Planning
IPS Supported Employment 101
Supported Education 101  
Job Coaching
How To Manage Your IPS Caseload
Supervisor Training incl. Data Tracking 
Fidelity Action Plan Consultation
Strategies for Engagement
The Vocational Profile & Disclosure
General Consultation, Brainstorming, and Discussion