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Upcoming Trainings!

Upcoming Trainings!

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Finding Jobs for People with Justice System Involvement

Before and After Picture of Harley Blakeman in Jail Before and in a Suit and smiling after

Presenter: Harley Blakeman, Honest Jobs
Date: June 24, 2021
Time: 3-4pm PST

Hear from the founder and CEO of Honest Jobs, Harley Blakeman, as he shares his story of justice system involvement as a youth, and how he used this experience to start Honest Jobs, a national job marketplace for people with justice system involvement.

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Technical Assistance Course Descriptions


Job Development – 3 Visits Model
Advanced Job Development
Benefits Planning 101
Work Incentives Application
Job Search Planning
Follow Along Support Planning
IPS Supported Employment 101
Supported Education 101
Job Coaching
How To Manage Your IPS Caseload
Supervisor Training incl. Data Tracking
Fidelity Action Plan Consultation
Strategies for Engagement
The Vocational Profile & Disclosure
IPS & Justice System Involvement
IPS & Self Employment
IPS & ACT Fidelity Crosswalk
Wellness Plans for Work
Integration of Peers on IPS Teams
Program Data Analysis
General Consultation, Brainstorming, and Discussion