Oregon Supported Employment Center for Excellence

The OSECE Team is excited to announce the 2019 IPS Supported Employment and Education Conference! 

Our conference this year will be held at the beautiful Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites in Ashland, Oregon on October 9-10th, 2019, with a half day supervisor’s session on October 8th, 2019!

For additional information visit the 2019 conference page.


Technical Assistance Requests

If you are a qualified or provisionally qualified IPS provider you may request technical assistance using the link below.


Job Development – 1st and 2nd Visit
Advanced Job Development 
Benefits Planning 101 
Work Incentives Application
Job Search Planning 
Follow Along Support Planning
IPS Supported Employment 101
Supported Education 101  
Job Coaching
Supervisor Training incl. Data Tracking 
Fidelity Action Plan Consultation
Strategies for Engagement
General Consultation, Brainstorming, and Discussion